OPIA Library Book List

Book ID No. Title Book ID No. Title
120 1 Million In Property In 1 Year 362 Mavericks at Work
187 10 secrets of entrepreneurs: how to stop being just an employee (The) 212 Midas Touch
360 10 Steps to Becoming Customer Driven 35 Millionaire Next Door (The)
379 101 Ways to Massicvely Increase the Value of Your Real Estate without Spending Much Money 329 Money Club (The)
1, 2, 301 101 Ways To Massively Increase The Value Of Your Real Estate 137 Money Map (The)
235 21st century architecture- alfresco living 208 Money secrets 101
68 5 Ways To Save More Money On Your Mortgage 327 More wealth from residential property
376 50 Success Classics 305 Motif and beauty: New Zealand arts and crafts architecture of Basil Hooper
306 8 lessons in military leadership for entrepreneurs 95 Mr Landlord Mr Fix It
338 A fabulous failure 228 New bathroom idea book
97 A Girls Guide To Business 233 New kid space idea book
80 A Greener House 237 New Zealand plant doctor
314 A greener house: sustainable property investors guide to buying building and renovating 341 New Zealand Property Guide (The)
59 A Man Is Not A Finacial Plan 263 Newnes practical householder: complete home maintenance
356 A Richer You - How to make the most of your money 101 North Dunedin Residential Campus Dunedin City Design Volume 2
280, 278, 279 Absolute land solutins: guide to planning subdivisions and land development 262 NZ Home carpentry: illustrated
5 After The Panic 98 NZ Investors Guide To Making Money In Residential Real Estate (The)
115 All you need to know about buying and selling your home 371 NZ Land Law
248 Architecture now! houses 19 NZ Master Trusts Guide
244 Art of Being Brilliant (The) 293 NZ real estate investors secrets
178 Art of Deliberate Success (The) 111 NZ Small Business Guide (The)
3 Attitude Plus!: secrets to success 240 One page financial plan
90 Australias Money Secrets Of The Rich! 133 Only Two Seats Left: Incredible Contiki Story
351 Barefoot Investor (The) 227 Paint & paper in decoration
222 Bath design guide 8, 114 Pension Panic
291 Be a successful property manager 121 Perfect Phrases For Landlords and Property Managers
380 Beyond Burnout a NZ Guide 268 Plan your bathroom: hundreds of design combinations at a glance
197 Beyond the state: New Zealand state houses from modest to contemporary 21, 261 Planning For Property Success In New Zealand
264 Big Book of Interiors: Design Ideas for Every Room (The) 346 Pocket money to property
191 Black & Decker: complete photo guide to home repair - 350 projects 85 Positive Cashflow Property
358 Bluefishing - The Art of Marking Things Happen 112 Power Of Focus (The)
141 Body Language 352 Power Property Investing for Women
209 Book keeping for dummies 330 Property and shares: options for New Zealand investors
203 Bounce forward 347 Property Investing for Dummies
253 BRANZmaintaining your home 357 Property Investment - The Essential Rules
81 Building Wealth 102, 148 Property Is A Girls Best Friend
131, 289 Building Wealth through investment property 22 Property Tax In New Zealand
4 Building Wealth: Story By Story 60 Property Tax: A NZ investor's guide
65 Building Weath From Rags To Riches Through Real Estate 54 Protecting Your Investment
374 Built Like A Women 304 R.A. Lawson: Victorian architect of Dunedin
188 Built to sell 23, 53 Race You To The Top: Story of Tony Christiansen
363 Bulletproof Your Business 126 Raising Your Childs IQ Rich Dads Guide To Investing
309 Bungalow: from heritage to contemporary 36 Rascals Guide To Real Estate (The)
269 Business plans for dummies 342 Readers Digest- What to do in an emergency - practical guide for very situation
320 Business strategy: a guide to effective decision making 266 Readers Digest: Complete guide to home improvements
55 Business The Richard Branson Way 251 Readers Digest: complete guide to home maintenance
300 Buy & hold 250 Readers Digest: new do it yourself manual
299 Buy to let bible 302 Real Estate investment & management
124 Cash Flow Quadrant part 2 20 Real Estate Investors Secrets
123 Cash Flow Quadrant part 2 Rich Dads Guide To Financial Freedom 128 Real Estate Mistakes: How To Avoid Them…
283 Cashflow Quadrant 25 Real Money Real Estate
359 Changing The Game - The Playbook for Leading Business Transformations 164 Real Money Real Estate: winning the real estate game
241 Christchurch fiasco- insurance after shock 77 Real Property Real People Real Profits
66 Commercial Real Estate Investors Guide 24 Realistic Real Estate Investing
169, 170, 176, 185 Complete Guide to Landlording In New Zealand 154 Renovate 1940-1960s
33 Complete Guide To Residential Property Investment In NZ (The) 153 Renovate 1970s
267 Complete Home Decorating Book (The) 157 Renovate Art Deco
232 Complete home organiser 155 Renovate Bungalows
163 Complete Kiwi Saver (The) 156 Renovate Villas
277 Complete landlord forms (The) 336, 337 Residential landlording for the absolute beginner
132 Confessions Of A Real Estate Agent 2nd edition 26, 69, 86, 93 Retire Young Retire Rich - Rich dads
215 Container gardening 151 Rework: Change The Way You Work Forever
246 Container gardening 50, 52, 91, 92, 284 Rich Dad Poor Dad
355 Covid Schomovid - 19 Ways to Make your small business boom 46, 51 Rich dads advisors real estate riches
334 Cracking millionaire code: what ricj people know that you don't 282, 87 Rich dad's guide to investing
17 Create Wealth: residential property investing in New Zealand 252, 125 Rich dad's guide to investing (part 3)
265 David Hicks: Living with design 27 Rich Dads Prophecy
34 Day The Bubble Bursts (The) 348, 354 Rich Enough? A laid-back guide for every kiwi
249 Design your own home: with this novel split plan book 122 Rich Kid Smart Kid
144 Diamond Real Estate Deals 242 Rich women
287 Diamond Real Estate Deals - Richmastery 319 Richmastery Kiwi Property Investor's Millionaire Secrets
366 Domino's Story (The) 195 Rock the boat!
221 Don’t move improve 172 RTA 1986 & Ammendments 2010
326 Dreamers never sleep 343 Running hot
41, 286, 353 Effortless Empire (The) 344 Running to extremes
247 Every bastard says no: the 42 below story 186 Same place, more space 50 projects to maximise every room in the house
216 Everything home storage solutions book 201 Sarah Beenys 100 DIY jobs
303 Extraordinary profits from ordinary properties 175 Save Money On Your Mortgage (updated)
316 Facebook for dummies 370 Saving and Investment: A primer
136 Family Trusts In New Zealand 96 Saving Money On Your Mortgage
205 Family trusts: must have NZ guide 150 School Of Home Truths (The)
183 Fighting talk:boxing and the modern lexicon 307 Second chance: for your money, your life and our world
57 Finacial Secrets 239 Secret of my success (boost juice)
107 Finacially Free Think Rich To Be Rich 333, 373 Secrets of Entrepreneurs Under 40 Exposed!
365 Financial Times Guide to Investing (The) 103 Secrets Of Female Entrepeneurs Exposed
318 First Aid Manual 384 Secrets of Inspiring Leaders Exposed
147 Fortune In Real Estate - Richmastery 119, 372 Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed!
11 From 0-130 Properties In 3-5 Years 28 Selling A Home Privately In New Zealand
311 From D for dummy to M for millionaire 202 Selling a home privately in New Zealand
312 From D for dummy to S for success 71 Sex & Money How To Get More
204 From O to financial freedom 234 Simple solutions- kitchens
382 Fundamentals of Property Management 29, 61, 79, 134 Slash Your Taxes Now
226 Gardening in New Zealand month by month 245 Small edible garden
100 George St Commercial Project Dunedin City Design Volume 1 308 Small house living: design-conscious NZ homes of 90m2 or less
218 Get out of my pocket 271 Smart women Smart money
47 Get Rich Slow: how to grow your wealth 78 Smarter Property Investment
105 Get Set By 30: Put Yourself In The Financial Drivers Seat 345 So you think you are ready to retire?
349 Getting Started in Property Investing for Dummies 198, 199 Speed cleaning
160 Golden Rules Of Wealth 200 Spotless 2
378 Good to Great and the Social Sectors 328 Stand up and shout: Kiwi success unplugged
210 Grand designs handbook 331 Success in New Zealand business2
138, 12, 193 Grow Rich With The Property Cycle 30 Success With Trusts
377 Growing Tall Poppies 257 Success With Trusts: how trusts protect your assets
174 Guerrilla marketing excellence 74 Success: the ultimate guide to success at work
231 Hardworking house 189 Successful public speaking
177 Home DIY Basics 288 Successful strategies to build a fortune in real estate - Richmastery
75 Home Make Overs That Sell 31, 162 Successful Trust Management
224 Home sense 145, 165, 325, 285 Supremacy Negotiating Real Estate Deals
321 Home sweet home: a New Zealand guide to buying & selling a house 324 Take the plunge now
219, 220 Household hints and tips 350 Tales From a Financial Hot Mess
223 Household hints: hundreds of everyday hints 32, 135 Tax In New Zealand
192 Housing bubble 335 The 15 million dollar man
332 How I got millionaire mentality 375 The 7 Rules of Success
13, 76 How Investing In Commercial Property Really Works 166 The Advanced Guide To Real Estate Investing
14 How To Buy A Home When You Cant Afford It 339 The Bushman and the builder - Arrow International
190 How to buy a house for $1 44 The Cash Flow Quadrant Rich dads
152 How To Close Every Deal 322 The E myth revisited: why most small businesses don't work …
296 How to create an income for life 181 The Effortless empire
45 How To Find Hidden Real Estate Bargins 113 The Enemy Within
146, 294 How To Get Rich Rewards In Real Estate In 3 Years 159 The Millionaire Mind
88 How To Get The House You Want 310 The new retirement: smart tips for boomers
106, 140 How To Get What You Want: Negotiation Skills 361 The Only Women in the Room
340 How to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio 206 The perfect balance: how to get ahead financially and still have a life
110 How To Grow Rich: Secrets To Better Money Management 255 The Readers Digest compete guide to home improvements
281 How to invest in the UK property market 48 The Real Estate Investment Hand Book
6 How To Make Money From Property 58 The School Of Home Truths: buying and selling property in NZ
99 How To Make Your Money Last As Long As You Do 73 The Secret
194 How to survive and prosper in a falling property market 179 The Young New Zealander's Guide To Entrepreneurship
67 How To Survive The NZ Residential Property Crash 168 Think And Grow Rich Property
104 If you want to be rich and happy don't go to school 108 Think: why crucial decisions can be made in the blink of an eye
83 Insiders Guide To Saving Thousands At Auctions (The) 229 Tile idea book
129 Instant Cashflow 230 Tiling- planning, layout & installation
259 Introduction to Business Law Module 2 Level 4 211 Toughen up
258 Introduction to marketing Module 3 level 4 273, 274 Twenty Good Summers: work less, live more
260 Introduction to Small Business Management Module 1 Level 4 317 Twitter for dummies
276, 364 Invest and prosper with property 254 Ultimate do it yourself book: a complete guide to home improvement (The)
381 Investing for Twenty Good Summers 323 Understanding stock and property markets better
15 Investing In Fixer-uppers 315 Unfair fight: give your small business the winning advantage
84 Investing In Residential Property 4th ed. 207 Unprofessional
70 Investing Made Simple 180 Villa - From Heritage to Contemporary
130 Keep Your Money Working! 196 Wall paper projects
213 Kevin Mc Leod’s principles of home 139 Wealth Creators: David Forman On Selling (The)
313 Kill your mortgage and sort your retirement 56 What Colour Is Your Parachute
143 Kiwi Property Investors Millionaire Secrets 38 What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow
214 Kiwi saver: how to keep safe in Kiwisaver 149 What They Dont Teach You At Harvard Business School
49 Land Lording As A Second Income: survival handbook 369 What you see is what you get
16, 167, 275, 383 LandLording In New Zealand 118 Wheres The Money: Smart Money Skills
243 Trade me: The inside story 367 Who Moved My Cheese?
37 Truth About Residential Property Investment (The) 238 Why now is the time to crush it!
72 Twenty Good Summers: work less, live more 39 Wink And Grow Rich
18 Life Deals The Cards You Play 256 Work happy: get the job you want, love the job you have
127 Live The Dream: Become Rich And Free Through Your Business 236 Work smarter not harder
270 Living area: NZ handbook for eco-friendly toxic-free sustainable life 94 Working Landlord Happy Tenants
7 Losing My Virginity 184 Writing winning business plans
217 Lost property 20th anniversary ed. 225 Xero for dummies
272 Lost property: Crash of '… and the aftershock87 173 Yellow brick road
64 Lost Property: crash of 1987 .. The after shock (20th anniv ed.) 40 Your Investment Property
182 Love to Grow 298 Your investment property: how to choose it, pay for it and triple your returns in 3 years
9, 10 Maintaining Your Home 109 Your Money - Starting Out and Starting Over
62, 89 Making Money Made Simple 368 Your Money or Your Life
161 Massive Profits In Business 42, 43, 63 Your Mortgage & How To Pay It Off In Five Years
82 Massive Profits In Real Estate 295 Your mortgage and how to pay it off in five years
142 Massive Profits In Real Estate Deals … 158 Zig: An autobiography of Zig Ziglar